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Heather Rayann

Heather is currently a 4th Grade teacher at Olive View School in Corning, CA.

Since her entry into the field of education in 2002, Heather has been passionate about the role of imagination in learning. Her experience working in early childhood through 7th grade nurtured within her an appreciation for child development and the value of progressing naturally from practical, hands-on activities and creative play in Kindergarten to developing artistic expression, social capacities, critical thinking, academic advancement and empathetic understanding as children progress through the grades.

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My Story

Heather graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz in 2001, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainable Agriculture. During college, she participated in a 6 month study abroad program in Delhi, India, where she learned to read, write and speak Hindi. She also spent 3 months traveling in Thailand and Cambodia. 

Upon returning to California in 2001, Heather entered the field of education at a Waldorf Charter School in Chico, California.


Throughout the course of her career in education, she has worked as an Instructional Aide, After-school Director, Substitute Teacher, Reading Instructor, Digital Media Instructor and finally, in 2016, she became a full-time classroom teacher. She also served as the chair of the board of directors for a local charter school for 2 years. 

As an educator, her overarching goal is to develop free-thinking, morally responsible, and integrated individuals equipped for success in today’s world. This requires a recognition of differences in learning styles within a curriculum that encourages student-driven participation in the learning process while maintaining diverse learning environments. In her work with students, Heather's approach has always been to establish positive, authoritative, and supportive relationships, adjusting her expectations to meet the needs and abilities of each student and developing strong relationships that center on honoring and recognizing the unique gifts, skills, passions, and attributes of every child. Additionally, in these unprecedented times, it takes foresight and thoughtful planning to anticipate hardships that might affect a student's access to instruction, including access to technology and internet as well materials.

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